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Pat Gallardo Dwyer

From the Obama Foundation to the World Economic Forum, my global speaking and moderating experience reflects my passion for people and purpose.  

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I believe that businesses are a force for good. In 2015, I founded The Purpose Business in Hong Kong to help organisations in Asia to embed purpose and sustainability into their business strategy and operations. Why? It’s the key to resilience, now more so than ever. I’ve spent over two decades engaging with leaders in both the non-profit and corporate sectors as they transform to drive positive change through responsible leadership. You can read more about my extensive experience here.



My why

​​A Filipina only child, born to an entrepreneurial single mother, I know what it’s like to overcome adversity, fight for your seat at the table and light up the room.


My motto is “You won’t know if you don’t ask”.  How does this translate to helping you? First, I ask a lot of questions. Then I really listen. Only when I understand where you are, can meaningful change truly be enacted.

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Working Together 

"What could I possibly learn here that I don't already know?”

- thinks pretty much everyone in an audience.


No one really likes to be talked at. Everybody talks.

But we have two ears and one mouth for a reason. The power of listening leads to great things so it fundamentally underscores my approach to any engagement, be it at the Obama Foundation Convening, the University of Cambridge, or your organisation. 

Topics I am passionate about:



An inspiring catalyst guarantees that audiences listen, engage and act.

My global experience and insights lets me bring out the best in your organisation, people and purpose.


Moderating Panels

Firing up a conversation amongst experts and bringing the audience with you takes serious preparation, hard work and heart.


I bring out the very best in your panel – and engage those attending like no other moderator.



Looking for one-on-one guidance or advisory on responsible leadership?

I will curate power hour sessions to confront some of your latest challenges, help you process your thoughts and be your critical friend; to help you activate your purpose and grow.



A workshop is only a success when you walk away truly equipped to change.

I take time to understand your context and culture, then deliver sessions that are crafted around your business needs.

Working together
Sustainability & ESG
Inclusive Workplaces
Diversity, Equity  & Inclusion
Responsible Leadership
Organisational Transformation 
Impact Measurement

In action

Examples of feature stories, keynote presentations, podcasts & panels from events around the globe. 

Talks and articles


There’s no one in Asian sustainability more informed, passionate or genuine than Pat. She delivers above & beyond, every time.


Janice Lao

Former Director, Group Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, HSH (Peninsula Hotels) 

Pat shaped an insightful discussion on purpose-driven businesses at the 2019 Obama Foundation Summit. We need more leaders like Pat to drive this type of discussion and the positive actions that come from it. 


Tim Brown

Co-Founder, All Birds

Pat has been an insightful and engaging contributor to our Master’s in Sustainability Leadership, sharing reflections on purpose, organisational transformation and personal leadership with business professionals from around the world. Students have found her to be authentic, dynamic and inspiring.


Dr. Louise Drake

Course Director, University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

Image by Marcela Rogante

"It's not easy being green."

- Kermit the Frog

Get in Touch

Feel free to drop me a message if you would like to engage me as a speaker or to support an upcoming project. I look forward to connecting!

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